Fish in a Tree


Lynda Mullaly Hunt

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Fish in a Tree: Chapter 40 Summary & Analysis

Keisha and Albert call Ally Madam President all day. Ally is happy until the end of the day, when she hears Shay's mom berating Shay for losing. Shay cries and sounds like a small child. Ally feels bad for her, but Keisha says that having a mean parent isn't an excuse to be mean to others.
The behavior of Shay's mom shows that Shay's behavior doesn't take place in a vacuum; she's likely learned this behavior from a parent who also prioritizes popularity and winning over all else.
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Ally runs into Petersen's and almost shouts that she won the election for class president. Mom is confused and then cries happy tears as she envelops Ally in a hug. The regulars also congratulate Ally.
Ally and Mom's happiness shows how important it can be to feel loved by one's classmates—it creates waves that extend to Ally's family.
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