Fish in a Tree


Lynda Mullaly Hunt

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Fish in a Tree: Chapter 45 Summary & Analysis

Ally draws pictures of talking cupcakes for Keisha's baking business. She thinks about how she still loves her Sketchbook of Impossible Things, but it's not the only thing that makes her happy anymore and that feels good.
Now that Mr. Daniels has given Ally confidence and the skills to succeed in the real world, she no longer has to rely on her Sketchbook to think about her dreams.
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Ally hears Travis chewing gum and tells him to chew quietly. Instead of firing back, he just looks stiff and stands in her doorway. He nervously asks Ally what she does with Mr. Daniels to help her read. Ally tells him about some of the exercises and says it's still hard to read, but it's getting easier. She says he also gives her colored plastic sheets to read through, which helps with the headaches. Travis smiles and says he's happy that Ally has friends and is improving. Ally tells Travis he's doing great and will have Nickerson Restoration soon, but he doesn't say anything. Ally offers to try to help Travis, but he declines.
Travis's question confirms that he likely has dyslexia as well, but he's not yet willing to ask for help about it. Asking his younger sister about her exercises is a very low-stakes way to learn about what could be possible for him, which suggests that Travis could soon be ready to ask for help. The fact that Ally seems optimistic even with the struggles she has with reading speaks to the power of finally feeling capable of being successful.
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