Fish in a Tree

Shay's Mom Character Analysis

A very wealthy woman, Shay's mom berates her daughter when Shay loses the election for class president. Her rant implies that she believed that the outlandish promises Shay made during her speech—which she helped write—would make Shay the clear choice for the election. She blames Shay for the failure and makes Shay shrink.

Shay's Mom Quotes in Fish in a Tree

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Penguin edition of Fish in a Tree published in 2015.
Chapter 37 Quotes

Shay sounds like someone completely different. The Shay I know, always so quick to pick a fight, now has a voice that sounds like a kindergartener.

“Sorry, Mama.” She brushes a tear from her cheek.

Related Characters: Ally (speaker), Shay (speaker), Shay's Mom
Page Number: 209-10
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Shay's Mom Character Timeline in Fish in a Tree

The timeline below shows where the character Shay's Mom appears in Fish in a Tree. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 21: Butterfly Wishes
Teaching, Mentoring, and Trust Theme Icon
Bullying, Friendship, and Social Status Theme Icon
...and then quickly moves on. Later, Shay loudly whispers to Jessica that she's mad that Shay's mom is making her invite everyone, and she hopes some people don't show up. (full context)
Dyslexia, Intelligence, and Learning Theme Icon
Teaching, Mentoring, and Trust Theme Icon
...Ally tries to explain about the wish givers, but Shay calls Ally a freak show. Shay's mom explains that Ally is part of the party, but not her daughter, and Ally wishes... (full context)
 Chapter 40: Tears of Different Kinds
Bullying, Friendship, and Social Status Theme Icon
...President all day. Ally is happy until the end of the day, when she hears Shay's mom berating Shay for losing. Shay cries and sounds like a small child. Ally feels bad... (full context)