Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence


Doris Pilkington

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Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence Characters

Doris Pilkington

The author of Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence and the daughter of Molly, the half-caste girl whose incredible journey forms the heart and soul of the narrative. Pilkington contrasts her mother’s story with stories of… read analysis of Doris Pilkington


Doris Pilkington’s mother and the protagonist of the book, Molly is an intrepid fifteen-year-old “half-caste,” or mixed-race, Aboriginal girl. When captured alongside two of her “sisters” (actually cousins) and sent to the Moore… read analysis of Molly


Molly’s younger “sister” (the two are really cousins) and favorite playmate. Gracie is also half-caste. She and Molly are taken away together by Constable Riggs and transported to the Moore River Native Settlement in order… read analysis of Gracie


A younger “sister” of Molly (the two are really cousins) and another half-caste girl who, along with Molly and with Gracie, is captured by Constable Riggs and taken on a long, harrowing journey to… read analysis of Daisy


The leader of a tribe of Aborigines, the Nyungar. Kundilla has heard stories of the aggression and brutality of white invaders, but when he witnesses white British soldiers treating his fellow tribesmen with respect, he… read analysis of Kundilla
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The leader of a Nyungar tribe circa the 1820s, during which time the tribe is beset by white invaders as British Naval forces seeking to colonize Australia and possess the Aboriginals’ land. Yellagonga is wary… read analysis of Yellagonga

Captain Charles Fremantle

A captain in the British Navy who, after attempting to obtain the Aboriginals’ consent to rename their land to no avail, took their silence as lack of resistance and named their lands Western Australia in… read analysis of Captain Charles Fremantle

Captain James Stirling

The captain on a ship full of English settlers who arrived in Western Australia in the late 1820s. In his greed to possess as much Australian land as he could, Stirling did not account for… read analysis of Captain James Stirling


Molly’s mother. After being rejected by the young Aboriginal man to whom she has been betrothed since childhood, Maude takes secret pleasure in continuing to explore life on her own. She has an affair with… read analysis of Maude

Mr. Keeling

The Superintendent at the Jigalong station who first reports to the authorities rounding up half-caste children that Molly, Daisy, and Gracie are living outside Jigalong. Though he eventually recanted his report, and wrote… read analysis of Mr. Keeling

Constable M.J. Riggs

A government official whose title, Protector of Aborigines, is deeply ironic, as Riggs is anything but a protector. Riggs is charged with enforcing a government program in which half-caste, or mixed-race, Aboriginals are rounded… read analysis of Constable M.J. Riggs

Martha Jones

A kind, gregarious fifteen-year-old girl who befriends Molly, Gracie, and Daisy when they arrive at the Moore River Native Settlement. She shows them the ropes and attempts to ease their fears, and takes… read analysis of Martha Jones

Mrs. Flanagan

A woman who provides Molly, Gracie, and Daisy with food and warm clothes when they stop at her farmhouse during their trek through the bush. She instructs them how to get to the… read analysis of Mrs. Flanagan
Minor Characters
Thomas Craig
Molly’s father. A white Australian and a repairman who works along the rabbit-proof fence.
Matron Campbell
A brusque woman who works at the Moore River Native Settlement. She picks Molly, Gracie, and Daisy up in Fremantle and transports them to the settlement.
Polly Martin
One of the girls at the Moore River Native Settlement. A good friend of Martha’s, she warns Molly, Gracie, and Daisy of the severe punishments that any runaways from the camp face.