Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence


Doris Pilkington

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Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence Terms


Short for Mardudjara, Mardu references the people of the several Aboriginal tribes that once lived in the desert regions of Western Australia. It also refers to the common language they speak. Each tribe once spoke… read analysis of Mardu


“Half-caste” is the English term for people of mixed racial descent with one white parent and one Aboriginal parent. “Muda-muda” is the Mardu equivalent of this term. read analysis of Half-caste/Muda-muda


The spirit of an Aboriginal ancestor. When white settlers began to arrive in Australia, many Aboriginals believed them to be gengas, and therefore welcomed them with respect and reverence. read analysis of Genga


According to Pilkington’s glossary, a marbu is a “sharp-toothed, flesh-eating evil spirit that has been around since the Dreamtime.” The Dreamtime is the creation period in Aboriginal myth. Different Aboriginal characters in Rabbit Proof Fenceread analysis of Marbu