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Mrs. Avery Character Analysis

Nick's fourth-grade teacher; he thought she looked like a hawk. Because of this, when Nick learned that some small birds can create high-pitched sounds that confuse birds of prey, he began making those noises during class. Mrs. Avery never figured out who made the noises, though she did wrongfully accuse Janet Fisk at one point. The narrator notes that Mrs. Avery simply learned to tune out the noise.

Mrs. Avery Quotes in Frindle

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Simon and Schuster edition of Frindle published in 1996.
Chapter 1 Quotes

For the rest of Nick's fourth-grade year, at least once a week, Mrs. Avery heard a loud "peeeeep" from somewhere in her classroom—sometimes it was a high-pitched chirp, and sometimes it was a very high-pitched chirp.

Related Characters: Nick Allen, Janet Fisk, Mrs. Avery
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Mrs. Avery Character Timeline in Frindle

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Chapter 1: Nick
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...high-pitched noises that confuse birds of prey. The next day, he noticed that his teacher, Mrs. Avery , had a hooked and beak-like nose like a hawk. He began imitating the blackbird... (full context)