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Thanksgiving Symbol Analysis

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Firoozeh’s family celebrates Thanksgiving every year. At the Thanksgiving feast, her family members bring traditional Persian foods, but also cook a Turkey (the traditional American thing to eat at Thanksgiving). Furthermore, the family gives thanks for living in America, a country that (generally) supports gender equality and gives citizens the opportunity to vote and prosper financially. In all, the Thanksgiving feast symbolizes the way that Firoozeh and her family embrace American culture and tradition without ignoring their strong Iranian roots.

Thanksgiving Quotes in Funny in Farsi

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Immigration and Cultural Assimilation Theme Icon
Chapter 13 Quotes

During our Thanksgiving meal, my father gives thanks for living in a free country where he can vote. I always share gratitude for being able to pursue my hopes and dreams, despite being female. My relatives and I are proud to be Iranian, but we also give tremendous thanks for our lives in America, a nation where freedom reigns.

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Thanksgiving Symbol Timeline in Funny in Farsi

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Chapter 13: America, Land of the Free
Immigration and Cultural Assimilation Theme Icon
Women and Feminism Theme Icon
Family Theme Icon
American Values Theme Icon
Firoozeh and her family celebrate Thanksgiving during their time in America. Nazireh makes curry, and the extended family brings other traditional... (full context)