Giovanni’s Room


James Baldwin

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Ellen Character Analysis

Ellen is David’s aunt and his father’s sister. After David’s mother dies, Ellen comes to live with him and his father, eventually becoming critical of his father’s parenting because he drinks and stays out late on a regular basis. Despite the fact that Ellen only criticizes his father because she cares about David, David himself resents her for speaking on his behalf, feeling that she’s creating more problems than she’s solving.
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Ellen Character Timeline in Giovanni’s Room

The timeline below shows where the character Ellen appears in Giovanni’s Room. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1: Chapter 1
Sexual Orientation and Denial Theme Icon
Gender and Societal Expectations Theme Icon
...became the center of his father’s life. He and his father lived with his aunt, Ellen, who helped raise David, though he never particularly liked her. He can still vividly recall... (full context)