Goblin Market

Goblin Market Characters


A young woman who nearly dies after eating the goblin men’s dangerous fruit, and whose emotional suffering, hunger, and physical deterioration provide the dramatic focus for much of the poem. Laura and her… (read full character analysis)


Lizzie is Laura’s sister, whose steadfast sense of morality and devotion ultimately saves Laura from the goblin men’s clutches. Initially Lizzie appears to be a less important character than Laura, whose curiosity brings… (read full character analysis)

The Goblin Men

The goblin men are the mysterious villains of the poem. Where they come from is never specified, but each morning and evening they call out in order to tempt young women into purchasing and eating… (read full character analysis)


A young woman who has died after eating the goblin men’s fruit before the story begins, and whose experience serves as a cautionary tale for Laura and Lizzie. Jeanie is a shadowy figure… (read full character analysis)