Greasy Lake

The Narrator

The unnamed narrator of “Greasy Lake” is nineteen and “cultivates decadence like a taste.” Desperate to appear “bad” and “dangerous,” he tries to seem passive and cool, but he actually reveals himself to be nervous… (read full character analysis)


Along with Jeff, Digby is one of the narrator’s two best friends. The narrator describes him as a “dangerous character.” Digby, who is nineteen, wears an earring and “allow[s] his father to pay his… (read full character analysis)


One of the narrator’s two best friends, Jeff’s primary characteristic is his inaction. He is lazy, uncertain, and is “thinking of quitting school to become a painter/musician/head-shop proprietor.” At nineteen, Jeff has big ideas, but… (read full character analysis)

The “Bad Character” (Bobbie)

When the narrator, Digby, and Jeff arrive at Greasy Lake, they spot a metallic blue ’57 Chevy, and assume it is their friend Tony Lovett’s car. As they honk their horn… (read full character analysis)

“The Fox”

The Fox emerges from The Bad Character’s Chevy after the narrator has knocked The Bad Character unconscious with a tire iron. She is in “panties and a man’s shirt,” and wears a silver anklet. Her… (read full character analysis)
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The Blond Men

The Blond Men are a pair of men in “fraternity jackets” who drive up to the lake in a Trans Am just as the narrator, Digby, and Jeff are about to attack The(read full character analysis)

Older Girl

The morning after the boys’ fateful night at Greasy Lake, as they clean up the narrator’s mother’s car and prepare to leave, two girls pull up in a Mustang. They both wear “tight jeans… (read full character analysis)