Half Broke Horses


Jeannette Walls

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Priscilla Loosefoot Character Analysis

A young half-Navajo woman whom Lily meets while making her first journey to Red Lake, Arizona with Patches. Priscilla rides a donkey and has long black hair. She tells Lily that her mother had sold her to settlers for a pair of mules, but the settlers abused Priscilla and she ran away. After making camp with Lily, she attempts to steal from her saddlebags in the night. When Lily catches her, Priscilla says she had to take advantage of the rare opportunity that had presented itself—a sentiment Lily understands. Even so, the two go their separate ways.
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Priscilla Loosefoot Character Timeline in Half Broke Horses

The timeline below shows where the character Priscilla Loosefoot appears in Half Broke Horses. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3 
Women’s Strength in a Man’s World Theme Icon
Poverty and the American Dream Theme Icon
Fate vs. Self-Reliance  Theme Icon
After passing Indian Reservations, Lily falls into a rhythm with Priscilla Loosefoot , a Navajo woman not much older than Lily and riding a donkey. Priscilla says... (full context)