Half the Sky


Nicholas Kristof

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Prudence Lemokouno Character Analysis

Prudence Lemokouno was a woman in Cameroon whose baby died in the womb, and who died shortly after from a ruptured uterus. Prudence could have been treated and saved, but she was neglected in the hospital for reasons including poverty, a lack of healthcare resources, indifference of medical workers, and the broader problem of misogyny that exacerbated all of these issues.
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Prudence Lemokouno Character Timeline in Half the Sky

The timeline below shows where the character Prudence Lemokouno appears in Half the Sky. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 7
The Complexity of Aid Theme Icon
...question, Kristof and WuDunn ask the reader to “consider the factors that converged to kill Prudence Lemokouno,” which are many. A young mother of three, Prudence was a patient in a... (full context)
The Oppression of Women  Theme Icon
The Complexity of Aid Theme Icon
...women’s disregard for preventative health measures, appearing spiteful and angry. By the time Kristof arrived, Prudence had been in the hospital for two days and her baby had died, now rotting... (full context)
The Oppression of Women  Theme Icon
The Complexity of Aid Theme Icon
Solutions to Address the Oppression of Women Theme Icon
The authors outline four reasons behind Prudence’s death. First, biology played a role: “Humans are the only mammals that need assistance in... (full context)