Haroun and the Sea of Stories


Salman Rushdie

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Haroun and the Sea of Stories Characters

Haroun Khalifa

Son of Rashid and Soraya Khalifa, and the protagonist of the book. Haroun is a young, inquisitive boy who experiences a major sense of responsibility for saving both Rashid and the Ocean of the… read analysis of Haroun Khalifa

Rashid Khalifa

Husband to Soraya and father to Haroun, Rashid is a professional storyteller who's known as the “Ocean of Notions” by his admirers and the “Shah of Blah” by his rivals. When Soraya runs off… read analysis of Rashid Khalifa


The villain of the novel, the archenemy of stories and language and the Prince of Silence. He's described as a clerkish, sniveling man with a monotonous voice. Because "khattam-shud" means "the end" or "it is… read analysis of Khattam-Shud


A Water Genie first tasked with disconnecting Rashid's Story Water supply, but thwarted when Haroun steals his Disconnecting Tool. While Iff initially looks out primarily for himself, his love of the Ocean and guilt… read analysis of Iff


A mechanical Hoopoe bird that communicates telepathically without moving its beak. As a machine, Butt is highly logical, but also has a flair for the dramatic and has temperamental outbursts at times. According to Iffread analysis of Butt
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A young female page in King Chattergy's Guppee army and Haroun's love interest. In order to obtain and keep her job, she poses as a boy but is later discovered. When she's found… read analysis of Blabbermouth

Mr. Butt

The Mail Coach driver who drives Haroun and Rashid from the Town of G to the Valley of K. He's very excitable and drives extremely fast and recklessly. He corresponds to Butt the Hoopoe on… read analysis of Mr. Butt

Princess Batcheat Chattergy

King Chattergy's daughter and Prince Bolo's fiancée, princess of Gup. Batcheat is described as being extremely ugly, particularly in regard to her nose and her teeth, and she's known for her horrible singing… read analysis of Princess Batcheat Chattergy


A Chupwala Shadow Warrior who speaks Abhinaya, the gesture language. Mudra was originally Khattam-Shud's second in command, but he grew uncomfortable with the fanaticism and violence that Khattam-Shud promoted. His shadow, while technically part… read analysis of Mudra
Minor Characters
Soraya Khalifa
Haroun's mother and Rashid's wife. Soraya is happy and loves to sing, but after she stops singing she runs off with Mr. Sengupta, setting the events of the story in action.
Miss Oneeta Sengupta
Mr. Sengupta's wife; the upstairs neighbor of Rashid, Soraya, and Haroun. Oneeta is fat and since she has no children of her own, dotes on Haroun.
Mr. Sengupta
Oneeta Sengupta's husband, described as a sniveling and “mingy” (mean and stingy) clerk. He's the corresponding Alfibay character to Khattam-Shud in Haroun's dream world. Mr. Sengupta despises stories and imagination.
Mr. Buttoo
The politico (politician) to whom Rashid offers his storytelling services. Haroun refers to him as "Snooty Buttoo" because he's overly smooth, insincere, and fond of underhanded insults. He commands Rashid to only tell happy stories, and it's obvious to Haroun that his constituents don't like him.
General Kitab
The leader of the Guppee Army, or Library. General Kitab enjoys arguing and debating the merits of his battle strategy, and is often in charge of telling Prince Bolo to stop talking. "Kitab" is a Hindustani word for "book."
Prince Bolo
Princess Batcheat's fiancé. Prince Bolo is loud and blustery and likes to hear himself speak, and as such often says foolish things and insults people. "Bolo" is the imperative form of a Hindustani verb that means "to speak."
A floating gardener on Kahani. Mali is quite talkative for a floating gardener and often sings. His name comes from a Hindustani word for "garden."
A Plentimaw fish, and life partner to Goopy. Bagha helps Haroun on his quest to find and stop Khattam-Shud from plugging the Wellspring.
A Plentimaw fish, and life partner to Bagha. Goopy helps Haroun on his quest to find and stop Khattam-Shud from plugging the ocean's Wellspring.
King Chattergy
The elderly king of Gup, father to Princess Batcheat.
The Walrus
The Grand Comptroller of the Eggheads at P2C2E house on the moon Kahani.
The Speaker
A court official in King Chattergy's court.