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Brahmin Term Analysis

The highest ranking of the four castes (or classes) in Hinduism, due to the belief that they are inherently of greater ritual purity than members of other castes. They often specialize as religious leaders and teachers, and the study and scholarship of sacred scriptures was traditionally reserved for them. In Hayavadana, Devadatta belongs to this caste, reinforcing his connection to the mind and intellectualism.
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Brahmin Term Timeline in Hayavadana

The timeline below shows where the term Brahmin appears in Hayavadana. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 1
The Mind vs. The Body Theme Icon
Metatheatre and Storytelling Theme Icon
...heroes, Devadatta and Kapila. Devadatta, who is fair and handsome, is the son of a Brahmin and is a highly intellectual poet. The Bhagavata describes how he outdoes the best poets... (full context)