Henry IV Part 2


William Shakespeare

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Lady Percy Character Analysis

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The wife of Hotspur, who led the rebellion against King Henry IV in King Henry IV Part 1 and was killed in that play by Prince Hal during the Battle of Shrewsbury. Lady Percy is bitter at having been made a widow, and shames her father-in-law Northumberland for failing to support his son (i.e. Hotspur) in his rebellion.
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Lady Percy Character Timeline in Henry IV Part 2

The timeline below shows where the character Lady Percy appears in Henry IV Part 2. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 2, Scene 3
Lies, Honesty, Morality Theme Icon
Warfare Theme Icon
At Warkworth castle, Northumberland, Lady Northumberland, and Lady Percy are discussing Northumberland’s plans to join forces with the rebellion. Against his wife’s protests, he... (full context)