Henry V


William Shakespeare

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The Box of Tennis Balls Symbol Analysis

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The Dauphin sends Henry V a box of tennis balls intending them to serve as a mocking symbol of Henry’s boyish frivolity, but Henry V’s reaction to the gift renders them a different symbol entirely. “Tell the pleasant prince this mock of his / hath turn'd his balls to gun-stones,” Henry says, transforming the tennis balls into a symbol of Henry’s new steely resolve and strength as a monarch. Though he once played games, he will now fight wars, and will fight those wars ferociously. As the tennis balls “turn’d…to gun-stones” against France express seriousness in the guise of play, so too is Henry V’s raucous youth considered in retrospect a mere “veil of wildness” which concealed a shrewd and powerful monarch.
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The Box of Tennis Balls Symbol Timeline in Henry V

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Act 1, Scene 2
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...treasure more suitable to Henry’s spirit. Henry opens the box and finds it full of tennis balls . He tells the ambassadors to tell the Dauphin that he has underestimated Henry, that... (full context)