Hidden Figures


Margot Lee Shetterly

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Dr. Robert B. Lee III is Margot Lee Shetterly’s father and a renowned climate scientist who, for years, worked at Langley. He is a supportive father who maintains a close relationship with his daughter. On a visit home for Christmas, Shetterly asks him about the women who worked alongside him at Langley, and he helps her start research for her book by taking her around the neighborhood to meet his former colleagues.
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Dr. Robert B. Lee III Character Timeline in Hidden Figures

The timeline below shows where the character Dr. Robert B. Lee III appears in Hidden Figures. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
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...writes, “growing up in Hampton, the face of science was brown like mine.” Shetterly’s father, Robert Benjamin Lee III , worked at Langley for forty years before retiring as an internationally respected climate scientist.... (full context)
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...the 1950s and 60s languished. In this capacity, they work for a few years under Robert Benjamin Lee III , Margot Lee Shetterly’s father. (full context)