Hills Like White Elephants


Ernest Hemingway

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Hills Like White Elephants Characters

The Man

In accordance with Hemingway’s characteristically sparse style, this main character is identified only as “the man” and occasionally “the American” without any identifying descriptors or background information. When the story opens, he is waiting at… read analysis of The Man

The Girl (Jig)

The girl is the female companion of the story’s other main character, the man. Unlike the man, the girl’s name (or nickname) is revealed to the reader when the man is imploring her to… read analysis of The Girl (Jig)

The Woman (the Waitress)

Throughout the story the girl and the man sit drinking outside the train station bar where the woman is their waitress. Throughout the man and the girl’s conversation about whether to get an abortion, the… read analysis of The Woman (the Waitress)