Homage to Catalonia


George Orwell

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John McNair Character Analysis

The Independent Labour Party (ILP) representative in Barcelona. He is characterized by selflessness, bravery, and a dignified commitment to the Republican cause. During the Barcelona street fighting, he braves the dangerous, barricaded streets of Barcelona to bring Orwell and his friends a couple of packets of cigarettes. Even though he had left the country for France, when the POUM was declared illegal he decided to return to Spain in order to show solidarity to his companions. McNair goes into hiding with Orwell during the wave of arrests in Barcelona in June 1937 and leaves the country on the same train as Orwell and his wife.
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John McNair Character Timeline in Homage to Catalonia

The timeline below shows where the character John McNair appears in Homage to Catalonia. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 9
Human Decency and The Absurdity of War Theme Icon
...wife but cannot get through to her. He manages to get in touch with John McNair, the ILP representative in Barcelona. John decides to brave the dark and dangerous streets in... (full context)
Chapter 12
Political Infighting and the Media Theme Icon
...buildings. On his first day as a fugitive, he meets his wife and two friends, McNair and Cottman, at the British Consulate to try to obtain a passport to leave the... (full context)
Human Decency and The Absurdity of War Theme Icon
Subjectivity and Personal Experience Theme Icon
In the meantime, with his companions McNair and Cottman, Orwell hides at night and pretends to be a rich English tourist during... (full context)