How I Learned to Drive

How I Learned to Drive Characters

Li’l Bit

Li’l Bit is the play’s central protagonist and the object of Uncle Peck’s sexual advances. A woman approaching thirty-five years old, her first act on stage is to introduce the play, saying that “sometimes… (read full character analysis)

Uncle Peck

Peck is the only other principal character in the play (the various others in Li’l Bit’s life are played by the male, female, and teenage Greek choruses). He is a middle-aged man… (read full character analysis)

Male Greek Chorus

The male Greek chorus plays a host of male characters whose remarks have embedded themselves in Li’l Bit’s psyche. For example, the male chorus takes on the role of her grandfather, Big Papa… (read full character analysis)

Female Greek Chorus

The female Greek chorus plays multiple voices from Li’l Bit’s past. The most prominent of these is Li’l Bit’s mother, who offers Li’l Bit misguided advice on sexuality and drinking alcohol “like a… (read full character analysis)

Teenage Greek Chorus

The teenage chorus is instructed by Vogel to be significantly younger, or at least younger-looking, than the other choruses. In the most jarring chorus role, the teenage chorus plays Li’l Bit’s grandmother, who vividly… (read full character analysis)
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Li’l Bit’s Mother

Li’l Bit’s mother appears intermittently in the play and is acted by the Female Greek Chorus. She portrays a distrusting attitude towards men, seemingly based on her bad relationship with Li’l Bit’s father… (read full character analysis)

Li’l Bit’s Grandmother

Li’l Bit’s grandmother is wife to Li’l Bit’s grandfather and the mother of Li’l Bit’s own mother. She is acted by the Teenage Greek Chorus. Li’l Bit’s grandmother is subservient to Big… (read full character analysis)

Li’l Bit’s Grandfather

Li’l Bit’s grandfather, also called Big Papa, is the husband of Li’l Bit’s grandmother and is played by the Male Greek Chorus. He is deeply misogynistic, believing that women have only two responsibilities… (read full character analysis)

Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary is Uncle Peck’s wife the sister of Li’l Bit’s mother. She is played by the Female Greek Chorus. Aunt Mary doesn’t appear much in the play but has a brief… (read full character analysis)

Cousin Bobby

Cousin Bobby, nicknamed “Blue Balls” after his genitalia, does not actually appear in the play and has no spoken lines. His presence is implied, however, in a monologue by Uncle Peck, in which the… (read full character analysis)