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I Am Legend

Robert Neville

The main character of I Am Legend, Robert Neville is the last human being to survive after a vampire plague hits Los Angeles in the year 1975. While his friends and family become vampires… (read full character analysis)


A ranking officer in the “new society” of living vampires (i.e., vampires who retain their intelligence and memory, and who live at peace with their vampire bacteria by taking special pills). Toward the end of… (read full character analysis)

Ben Cortman

Ben Cortman is Robert Neville’s friend and neighbor and, after he becomes infected with the vampire germ, one of Neville’s most dangerous enemies. Every night, Cortman stands outside Neville’s house, shouting for him to… (read full character analysis)

Virginia Neville

Virginia Neville is Robert Neville’s dead wife. She succumbs to the vampire plague, and Neville buries her in a cemetery. To his horror, Virginia comes back from the dead and menaces him—he’s forced to… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
Dr. Busch
A Los Angeles doctor who gives Robert Neville some information about the vampire plague, but never actually appears in the book.
Kathy Neville
Robert Neville and Virginia Neville’s daughter, who dies of the vampire plague.
Robert Neville’s father.
Freda Cortman
Ben Cortman’s wife.