I Stand Here Ironing


Tillie Olsen

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I Stand Here Ironing Characters

The Narrator

The narrator is a working class woman and mother of five children. The entire story occurs as the narrator, while ironing clothes, worries about her oldest daughter Emily. Given that she was nineteen when… read analysis of The Narrator


Emily is the oldest daughter of the narrator. At the time of the story’s telling, Emily is nineteen years old and seems to be thriving; her mother describes her as lovely and notes her… read analysis of Emily


Susan is Emily’s younger sister and the second child of the narrator. Susan is a few years younger than Emily and is described as beautiful, confident, and clever. The narrator suggests that Susan… read analysis of Susan


Ronnie is the narrator’s youngest child and the brother of Emily and Susan. He is a baby at the time of the story’s telling. He uses the word “shoogily” to express… read analysis of Ronnie