If I Stay


Gayle Forman

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Mrs. Schein Character Analysis

Mrs. Schein is Kim’s mother. Though well-intentioned, she is often overbearing, and imposes strict restrictions on what Kim can wear and do. She initially doesn’t let Kim visit Mia’s house, due to the fact that the two girls physically fought, but she is eventually won over by the kindness of Mia’s family. Mrs. Schein is inconsolable and distraught when she learns of the car accident.
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Mrs. Schein Character Timeline in If I Stay

The timeline below shows where the character Mrs. Schein appears in If I Stay. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
4:39 PM
Love, Family, and Relationships Theme Icon
Life and Death Theme Icon
Many of Mia’s relatives, as well as her best friend Kim and Kim’s mother Mrs. Schein , arrive at the hospital waiting area to await news of Mia’s condition. While Mrs.... (full context)
Love, Family, and Relationships Theme Icon
After the fight between Mia and Kim, Mrs. Schein , Kim’s overprotective mother, would not allow Kim to visit Mia’s house. However, after finally... (full context)