In Another Country


Ernest Hemingway

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In Another Country Characters

The Narrator

An American soldier injured in World War I, the unnamed narrator—widely accepted to be Hemingway’s autobiographical alter ego Nick Adams—is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Milan. Before the war he used to play football… read analysis of The Narrator

The Major

Previously the greatest fencer in Italy, the major’s hand has shrunk down to the size of a baby’s following a wartime injury. He receives treatment from the machines next to the narrator. Though the… read analysis of The Major

The Doctor

The doctor oversees the officers’ treatment in the machines at the hospital. The doctor is always optimistic about the machines’ ability to heal the soldiers’ physical wounds. He brings in photographs of the machines’ alleged… read analysis of The Doctor

The Boy With No Nose

An officer the same age as the narrator, he was injured in his first hour in battle after joining the military fresh from the academy. He came from an “old”—meaning from a wealthy, high-class—family, and… read analysis of The Boy With No Nose

The Boy With Three Medals

The narrator describes him as a tall boy from Milan with a “very pale face” who had been awarded three medals. He had served as a lieutenant in the Arditi, an elite force in the… read analysis of The Boy With Three Medals
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