In the Skin of a Lion


Michael Ondaatje

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A woman Caravaggio meets at the lake where he is sleeping in somebody else’s cottage illegally. Anne proves perceptive and courageous when she soon discovers that Caravaggio is a thief, but is not scared of him and instead tells him about her life. She is deeply introspective, as she appreciates writing and thinking by the lake in silence.
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Anne Character Timeline in In the Skin of a Lion

The timeline below shows where the character Anne appears in In the Skin of a Lion. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 3: Chapter 1: Caravaggio
Love and Family Theme Icon
...about them. Caravaggio tries to answer her question vaguely and, when she presents herself as Anne, Caravaggio says his name is David. He explains that he is here to get his... (full context)
Literature, Imagination, and Creativity Theme Icon
...telephone wires. Hoisting himself onto the roof of the boathouse with a pulley-chain, he sees Anne sitting at a table, concentrated, writing and looking out at the lake. He feels that... (full context)
Love and Family Theme Icon tell her that he had disappeared. After hanging up, Caravaggio is startled to see Anne facing him. In Italian, he begins to explain that he couldn’t find her to ask... (full context)
Love and Family Theme Icon
Anne asks Caravaggio whom he was calling, if he is a thief, and what he is... (full context)