Indian Camp


Ernest Hemingway

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Nick Adams

Nick is the young protagonist of the story, brought along by his father and Uncle George on a trip to a nearby Native American encampment to care for an “Indian lady” who has… read analysis of Nick Adams

Nick’s Father

Nick’s father is a doctor who travels to an “Indian camp” to help deliver a baby. He brings his son Nick along on the trip, hoping to teach him lessons about life and work. He’s… read analysis of Nick’s Father

The Indian Woman

The Indian woman is the reason for Nick’s father’s trip to the “Indian camp.” She has been in labor for two days and requires medical attention because her child is being born in breech position… read analysis of The Indian Woman

The Indian Woman’s Husband

The husband of the Indian woman who, when Nick and his father arrive in the shanty, lies prostrate in the bunk above her, nursing a serious axe wound on his foot and smoking a pipe… read analysis of The Indian Woman’s Husband

Uncle George

Uncle George largely spends “Indian Camp” assisting Nick’s father in his operation. He’s an affable man who gets along with the Native American men and, like Nick, greatly admires Nick’s father, flattering him with… read analysis of Uncle George
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