Indian Horse


Richard Wagamese

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Indian Horse: Chapter 35 Summary & Analysis

Saul takes three full weeks to decide whether to accept Jack Lanahan’s offer. His teammates encourage him to go, pointing out that any one of them would be thrilled to get such an offer. Saul asks, “What if I don’t make it?” but his teammates insist, “You will.” Virgil is most persuasive: he tells Saul, “You owe me,” referring to the initial encouragement he gave Saul to play well for the Moose team.
In the past, Saul has performed well on the ice in part because of his loyalty to his fellow players and his desire to impress them. Similarly, and somewhat counter-intuitively, Virgil and the other Moose players suggest that the best way for Saul to express his loyalty to the team would be to accept Lanahan’s offer.
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