Indian Horse


Richard Wagamese

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Indian Horse: Chapter 54 Summary & Analysis

Saul goes to the nearby ice rink, where he finds Virgil coaching the boys. Saul watches the boys playing, and realizes that Virgil must be an excellent coach. Saul greets Virgil by pointing out that one of the hockey players is a “natural center.” Virgil turns, raises his eyebrow, and replies, humorously, that the boy is “a sawed-off little runt.” They banter, and Virgil says, “You look good.” Then, he adds, “I wanted to punch your lights out for leaving.” The two men decide to talk more after practice.
Saul and Virgil reunite, and while Virgil is understandably upset with Saul for leaving town so abruptly, he also seems willing to forgive his old friend and adopted brother.
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