Interpreter of Maladies


Jhumpa Lahiri

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Interpreter of Maladies Characters

Mr. Kapasi

A forty-six-year-old tour guide working in India, who accompanies the Das family on a sightseeing trip to the Sun Temple. Although written in the third person, “The Interpreter of Maladies” is largely filtered through… read analysis of Mr. Kapasi

Mrs. Das

The object of Mr. Kapasi’s romantic interest, Mrs. Das is on holiday in India with her husband, Mr. Das, and their three children, Ronny, Bobby, and Tina.
Like her husband… read analysis of Mrs. Das

Mr. Das

Mr. Das is the husband of Mrs. Das and the father of Bobby, Ronny, and Tina. A middle school science teacher in New Jersey, where he lives with his family, he is… read analysis of Mr. Das


The second son of Mr. Das and Mrs. Das, Bobby, eight years old, is different in appearance from his younger sister Tina and his older brother Ronny. This is because he is in… read analysis of Bobby


Eldest son to Mr. Das and Mrs. Das, and brother to Bobby and Tina, Ronny, like his brother and sister, is excited by the sounds and sights of India. Born and raised in… read analysis of Ronny
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The youngest child of Mr. Das and Mrs. Das, Tina often seeks her mother’s attention, wanting to participate in activities such as painting their nails together, but is ignored by Mrs. Das. Being the… read analysis of Tina

Mr. Kapasi’s wife

Mrs. Kapasi, wife of the tour guide Mr. Kapasi, never makes a direct appearance in “The Interpreter of Maladies.” However, Mr. Kapasi reflects on his unhappy relationship with her throughout. Mr. Kapasi works two… read analysis of Mr. Kapasi’s wife

The doctor

The doctor has a practice where Mr. Kapasi has a second job working as an interpreter, translating maladies of patients who do not speak the physician’s language. This is the same doctor that Mr. Kapasi… read analysis of The doctor

Mr. Kapasi’s Son

Mr. Kapasi had a son who suffered from an illness which eventually led to his death. The boy’s illness marked the beginning of the family’s troubles. Mr. Kapasi accepted a second job as an interpreter… read analysis of Mr. Kapasi’s Son
Minor Characters
Mr. Das’s Friend
A friend of Mr. Das’s with whom Mrs. Das once had an affair, resulting in her son Bobby.