Stephen King

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Owner of Derry’s gay bar, the Falcon, which opened in 1973. Curtie initially thinks that his bar will service bus passengers arriving in the terminal next door. In 1977, Curtie nearly goes bankrupt but his luck suddenly turns around when his bar becomes a hangout for the local gay community. Curtie does not realize until 1981 that “his patrons [are] just about almost exclusively gay.” The Falcon has rather campy décor, which may have been part of its attraction for its clientele. It is painted in black and gold and is decorated in stuffed birds, provided by Elmer’s brother, who was a taxidermist and bequeathed Elmer the birds when he died.
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Elmer Curtie Character Timeline in It

The timeline below shows where the character Elmer Curtie appears in It. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2: After the Festival (1984)
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
When Elmer Curtie opens the Falcon, a bar, in 1973, he imagines that most of his customers will... (full context)
Evil and the Supernatural Theme Icon
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
Don Hagarty is one of Elmer Curtie ’s regular customers. He frequents the Falcon for two or three years before meeting Adrian... (full context)