Stephen King

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Mrs. Starrett Character Analysis

The librarian who sits behind the circulation desk at Derry Public Library in 1958. Like his fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Starrett likes Ben Hanscom because he is polite and gentle. When Ben returns to Derry, he learns from Carole Danner that Mrs. Starrett died of a stroke at the age of fifty-eight or fifty-nine in 1982.
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Mrs. Starrett Character Timeline in It

The timeline below shows where the character Mrs. Starrett appears in It. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4: Ben Hanscom Takes a Fall
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
...the library, Ben walks up to the main desk in the Children’s Library and greets Mrs. Starrett . She likes Ben for the same reason most adults do—he is polite, soft-spoken, thoughtful,... (full context)
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
...He has also lost his library books, and imagines the future look of reproach in Mrs. Starrett ’s eyes. Filled with that anger, he lumbers forward and kicks Henry in the balls. (full context)
Chapter 11: Walking Tours
Evil and the Supernatural Theme Icon
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
...assures her that he feels better. He then asks if she knows what happened to Mrs. Starrett . Ms. Danner says that Mrs. Starrett died of a stroke three years ago, at... (full context)