Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 2 Summary & Analysis

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Encamped near Sardis, Brutus, Lucius, Lucillius, and other Soldiers meet Titinius and Pindarus. Brutus talks with them about a disagreement with Cassius. Aside, Brutus tells Lucillius that Cassius is starting to seem fake and over-courteous, and that he doesn't trust him like he used to.
The personality differences between Brutus and Cassius are becoming a problem. While Cassius accused Brutus of impoliteness in their first exchange, Brutus now suspects Cassius because he seems too polite.
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Cassius arrives with his soldiers. He says that Brutus has done him wrong, and Brutus responds that this is impossible, as he is not even unjust with his enemies. Cassius continues to argue, and Brutus suggests they go inside his tent, as they should not be fighting in front of the soldiers. Titinius and Lucius guard the door.
Cassius is becoming annoyed with Brutus's relentless nobility..
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