Just Mercy

Just Mercy


Bryan Stevenson

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George is a man who suffered debilitating brain injuries related to a car accident. He is convicted of murder after an altercation with police that led to the death of an officer. George’s trial lawyers fail to offer any defense. A charlatan psychiatrist testifies that George has no mental impairment, and George is sentenced to death. EJI later wins relief for George after proving that the “psychiatrist” wasn’t a real doctor.
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George Daniel Character Timeline in Just Mercy

The timeline below shows where the character George Daniel appears in Just Mercy. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 10: Mitigation
Resistance and Advocacy Theme Icon
Systemic Power, Oppression, and Dehumanization Theme Icon
George Daniel was a man who developed hallucinations and nonsensical speech after incurring brain damage during a... (full context)