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Archaic term for Muslims, now broadly considered offensive.
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Mohomedan Term Timeline in Kanthapura

The timeline below shows where the term Mohomedan appears in Kanthapura. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Section 3
Gandhism and the Erosion of Caste Theme Icon
Labor, Exploitation, and Economic Independence Theme Icon
...Bhatta to start a brahmin party in Kanthapura before Gandhi convinces villagers to accept even Mohomedans and Europeans. The Swami plans to “outcast every brahmin who has touched a pariah,” Seetharamu... (full context)
Section 10
Nationalism and Colonialism Theme Icon
...honored upon her death, and says that she defended the Hindu faith “better than any Mohomedan prince.” He says he fears “the corruption of castes and of the great traditions our... (full context)