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Panchayat Term Analysis

A five-person village council traditionally composed of village elders. Gandhi wanted India to be governed based on a decentralized system of panchayats, which the Kanthapura villagers’ Congress exemplifies.
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Panchayat Term Timeline in Kanthapura

The timeline below shows where the term Panchayat appears in Kanthapura. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Section 8
Oral Tradition, Writing, and Political Power Theme Icon
Gandhism and the Erosion of Caste Theme Icon
Land, Geography, and Belonging Theme Icon
...had suddenly appeared in the heavens.” Moorthy tells the group that “there is a huge Panchayat of all India called the Congress” that belongs to the Mahatma. He explains that they... (full context)