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Satyagraha Term Analysis

The Gandhian practice of nonviolent resistance. It literally translates as “holding onto truth” and its practitioners are called satyagrahis.

Satyagraha Quotes in Kanthapura

The Kanthapura quotes below are all either spoken by Satyagraha or refer to Satyagraha. For each quote, you can also see the other terms and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Oral Tradition, Writing, and Political Power Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Oxford University Press edition of Kanthapura published in 1963.
Section 10 Quotes

“Brothers, in the name of the Mahatma, let there be peace and love and order. As long as there is a God in Heaven and purity in our hearts evil cannot touch us. We hide nothing. We hurt none. And if these gentlemen want to arrest us, let them. Give yourself up to them. That is the true spirit of the Satyagrahi.”

Related Characters: Moorthy (speaker), Mahatma Gandhi
Page Number: 88
Explanation and Analysis:
Section 13 Quotes

We are out for action. A cock does not make a morning, nor a single man a revolution, but we’ll build a thousand-pillared temple, a temple more irm than any that hath yet been builded, and each one of you be ye pillars in it, and when the temple is built, stone by stone, and man by man, and the bell hung to the roof and the Eagle-tower shaped and planted, we shall invoke the Mother to reside with us in dream and in life. India then will live in a temple of our making.

Related Characters: Moorthy (speaker), Mahatma Gandhi
Page Number: 123
Explanation and Analysis:
Section 17 Quotes

He’ll never come again, He’ll never come again,

He’ll never come again, Moorthappa.

The God of death has sent for him,

Buffalo and rope and all,

They stole him from us, they lassoed him at night,

He’s gone, He’s gone, He’s gone, Moorthappa.

Related Characters: Moorthy
Page Number: 154
Explanation and Analysis:
Section 18 Quotes

“Vandé Mataram! Inquilab Zindabad! Mahatma Gandhi ki jai!”

Related Characters: Mahatma Gandhi
Page Number: 175
Explanation and Analysis:
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Satyagraha Term Timeline in Kanthapura

The timeline below shows where the term Satyagraha appears in Kanthapura. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Section 10
Nationalism and Colonialism Theme Icon
...name of the Mahatma, let there be peace and love and order.” The spirit of Satyagrahi, he argues, requires letting themselves be arrested, just as the Mahatma has done. But, when... (full context)
Gandhism and the Erosion of Caste Theme Icon
Nationalism and Colonialism Theme Icon
...of Karwar, comes to visit Moorthy and explains that he supports his decision because “a Satyagrahi needs no advocates,” even though he himself is an advocate (or lawyer). Moorthy falls at... (full context)
Section 18
Gandhism and the Erosion of Caste Theme Icon
Land, Geography, and Belonging Theme Icon
Labor, Exploitation, and Economic Independence Theme Icon
The Gandhians block the police’s view of the courtyard with two carts and plan their Satyagraha march. Someone runs into the courtyard and says that women  have arrived for the land... (full context)