Keeping it from Harold


P.G. Wodehouse

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Keeping it from Harold Characters

Harold Bramble

Harold Bramble is a precocious ten-year-old boy whom his parents call “a model of goodness and intelligence.” He has won prizes for his spelling and dictation as well as his Sunday school lessons, and he… read analysis of Harold Bramble

Jane Bramble

Jane Bramble is Harold’s mother and Bill’s wife. Described as both dim-witted and good-tempered, she is also exceptionally proud of and utterly devoted to her son. Jane wants to give Harold “a better… read analysis of Jane Bramble

Bill Bramble

Bill Bramble is the wife of Jane, the father of Harold, and a professional pugilist, or boxer, who fights under the name Young Porky. In the past, he enjoyed his reputation as an… read analysis of Bill Bramble

Major Percy Stokes

The brother of Jane Bramble, Major Percy Stokes is a missionary for the Salvation Army—a Protestant Christian church and charitable organization that traditionally uses military structure. The Salvation Army prohibits its members from drinking… read analysis of Major Percy Stokes

Jerry Fisher

Jerry Fisher is Bill Bramble’s hot-tempered boxing trainer at the White Hart club. He calls Bill “a pleasure to train” and is shocked when the boxer decides to quit right before a huge match… read analysis of Jerry Fisher
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