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Hope Jahren

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One of the undergraduate students in her lab at Georgia Tech, Teri agrees to join the group on a trip to California to get Jahren to a conference in San Francisco. She is the one driving the van as they come upon a winter storm (the group is crunched for time and thus can’t avoid it). Since she has little experience driving in inclement weather, Teri ends up flipping the van upside down, forcing the group to spend the night in a motel. Scared and angry, Teri demands to be taken to the airport so she can fly home, and Bill berates her for her lack of loyalty, reminding her that she was the one who crashed the van in the first place. She stays with the group the whole time, and is back to her usual self by the time they return to campus.
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Teri Character Timeline in Lab Girl

The timeline below shows where the character Teri appears in Lab Girl. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2: Wood and Knots
Family and Friendship Theme Icon
As they leave Colorado, an undergraduate named Teri is driving the van, and Jahren decides not to buckle her seatbelt, despite the fact... (full context)
Family and Friendship Theme Icon
The next morning, Teri demands to be taken to the Salt Lake City airport so that she can fly... (full context)