Lady Windermere’s Fan


Oscar Wilde

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Lady Windermere’s Fan Characters

Lady Windermere

Lady Windermere is the play’s protagonist. She is 21 years old and has been married for two years to Lord Windermere, with whom she has a six-month-old son. Lady Windermere adores her husband and… read analysis of Lady Windermere

Lord Windermere

Lord Windermere is Lady Windermere’s husband. He is a wealthy and respectable gentleman who seems to be well-liked, and he treats his wife lovingly. However, he deceives her when he begins financially supporting analysis of Lord Windermere

Mrs. Erlynne

Mrs. Erlynne is a mysterious woman who is new to London society. Though the play implies that she’s probably in her late thirties, she looks much younger and is admired by all the men in… read analysis of Mrs. Erlynne

Lord Darlington

Lord Darlington is a young gentleman who is generally believed to behave wickedly, though Lady Windermere thinks he’s only pretending to be bad. Lord Darlington is playful and flirtatious and holds a flexible view of… read analysis of Lord Darlington

The Duchess of Berwick

The Duchess of Berwich is a respectable older woman and friend of Lady Windermere’s. She is Agatha’s mother and Augustus’s sister. In the first two acts, the Duchess serves as a comedic… read analysis of The Duchess of Berwick
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Augustus (nicknamed Tuppy) is an older gentleman and the brother of the Duchess of Berwick. It’s implied that he’s likeable but buffoonish; he’s been married and divorced multiple times and quickly falls in love… read analysis of Augustus

Cecil Graham

Cecil Graham is a young gentleman who attends the party and seems to be a friend of Lord Windermere and the other men. Cecil is also the nephew of Lady Jedburgh, to whom he… read analysis of Cecil Graham


Dumby is another young gentleman who attends the party. He’s first introduced as an example of how empty and performative language can be in social settings. He makes a number of contradictory statements in conversations… read analysis of Dumby

Lady Plymdale

Lady Plymdale is a guest at the party. Though she’s married, it’s implied that Dumby is her lover. When she finds out that Dumby knows Mrs. Erlynne, she’s initially angry but then decides that… read analysis of Lady Plymdale


Agatha is the Duchess of Berwick’s daughter. She is a quiet young woman who only says “Yes, Mamma,” though her mother considers her a “chatterbox” and is always saying what a clever speaker Agatha… read analysis of Agatha
Minor Characters
Mr. Hopper
A young Australian man who is highly sought after in London society. Just as the Duchess of Berwick hopes, he pursues Agatha and gets engaged to her at the end of the party.
Lord Windermere and Lady Windermere’s butler.
Lady Jedburgh
Cecil Graham’s aunt. She is an admired older woman whom Mrs. Erlynne easily charms at the party.
Lady Windermere’s maid.