Life After Life

Life After Life


Kate Atkinson

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Life After Life: Armistice (IV), 11 Nov 1918 Summary & Analysis

Sylvie greets Clarence at the back door and tells him that Bridget has had a bit of an accident. Bridget says that she felt “little hands” shoving her while she was working in the kitchen, leading her to trip and fall over the step and sprain her ankle. Bridget takes Clarence’s arm and insists that she will not miss the celebrations in London. “Darkness, and so on.”
This time, Ursula tries to prevent Bridget from going to the armistice celebrations at all, trying to bring about a scenario in which Bridget does not fall ill or get the children sick. Yet Bridget’s will wins out, implying that the more that people have a desire to see something happen, the harder it is to avoid or counteract.
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