Life as We Knew It


Susan Pfeffer

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Life as We Knew It Symbols

The Moon

Traditionally the moon often symbolizes a natural rhythm or cycle, but the moon in Life As We Knew It has been knocked off course by a dense asteroid. The moon in this novel, then, represents…

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The Ash Cloud

When the ash from erupting volcanoes first appears in the air, turning the sky a murky gray, Miranda is relieved because it obscures the moon and wistfully writes in her journal, “I’m glad I don’t…

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Miller’s Pond

Miller’s pond is a local pond where Miranda and her family swim, skate, and socialize. After the events of the moon impact and resulting natural disasters, Miller’s pond remained an oasis for Miranda. While the…

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The Pantry

In the days following the disaster, Laura, Mrs. Nesbitt, Jonny, and Miranda have a shopping spree for nonperishable items, which they use to fill their pantry. It is later re-stocked with boxes…

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The Yellow Flyer

At the end of the novel, when her family’s food supply is almost gone, Miranda walks toward town, intending to spare her family from having to witness her death. When she can walk no further…

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