Like Water for Chocolate


Laura Esquivel

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Juan de la Garza is Mama Elena’s husband. He is the biological father of Tita and Rosaura. Little is said about Juan’s character. He dies from a heart attack two days after Tita’s birth when he finds out through tavern gossip that his wife was unfaithful and that Gertrudis isn’t his child.
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Juan de la Garza Character Timeline in Like Water for Chocolate

The timeline below shows where the character Juan de la Garza appears in Like Water for Chocolate. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 7: July – “Ox-Tail Soup”
Tradition vs. Revolution Theme Icon
Femininity and Women’s Roles Theme Icon
Love Theme Icon
Emotion and Repression Theme Icon
Violence and Abuse Theme Icon
...but her parents forbade her union with a “mulatto” and instead married her off to Juan de La Garza . They continued their affair in secret through the years, and Treviño was the true... (full context)