Lincoln in the Bardo

Lincoln in the Bardo


George Saunders

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Lincoln in the Bardo: Chapter 75-76 Summary & Analysis

Meanwhile, the Reverend and Bevins tear their way through the tendril around Willie’s waste. As they do so, though, Lincoln closes Willie’s “sick-box,” puts it back, and walks outside into the “now-hushed crowd.” The effect of his departure throws Willie into desperation, and he launches forth to follow his father. Unfortunately, after only a few steps he weakly sits on the floor, where more tendrils wind around him. At this point, Vollman convinces Bevins and the Reverend to follow Lincoln, saying that he was unable to convince the man by himself, but perhaps they all will be able to influence him if they work together.
Vollman’s suggestion that he, Bevins, and the Reverend might be able to influence Lincoln if they work together represents one of the few times in the Bardo that these souls decide to unite for a greater cause. Rather than focusing on themselves and the effort required for each of them to remain in this realm, they decide to band together for Willie, who has unwittingly fostered a sense of unity in this otherwise divided and individualistic community.
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