Lincoln in the Bardo

Lincoln in the Bardo


George Saunders

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A very small, dirty, and frugal woman who exists in the Bardo. Mrs. Blass tells Willie her life story, explaining that she never got what she deserved while she was in the living world. Shortly after talking to the boy, Mrs. Blass succumbs to the “matterlightblooming phenomenon,” becoming one of the first people in the novel to leave the Bardo.
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Abigail Blass Character Timeline in Lincoln in the Bardo

The timeline below shows where the character Abigail Blass appears in Lincoln in the Bardo. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 27
Transition and Impermanence Theme Icon
...daughters and complain about things she can’t possibly fix. Interrupting this description of Jane Ellis, Mrs. Abigail Blass makes her presence known, but Mrs. Ellis ignores her, asking Willie to check on her... (full context)
Unity Theme Icon
Transition and Impermanence Theme Icon
...ends, a cacophony of voices emerge, each one narrating snippets of their own stories. Nonetheless, Mrs. Blass —who is “notoriously frugal, filthy, gray-haired, and tiny (smaller than a baby)”—manages to tell her... (full context)
Chapter 29
Transition and Impermanence Theme Icon
Empathy and Equality Theme Icon
The beings that speak to Mrs. Abigail Blass take the form of comely country girls who remind her of herself. “Abbie, dear,” one... (full context)
Transition and Impermanence Theme Icon
Motivated by Mrs. Blass ’s departure, the beings double their efforts. Willie, for his part, sees ten versions of... (full context)