Long Day’s Journey into Night


Eugene O’Neill

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Long Day’s Journey into Night Characters

James Tyrone

James is the patriarch of the Tyrone family, a sixty-five-year-old man who seems younger because of the confident way he holds himself. A former matinee star, he has the posture of a well-known actor and… read analysis of James Tyrone

Mary Tyrone

The matriarch of the Tyrone family. A recovering morphine addict, Mary is “restless” at the beginning of the play because she has recently returned from rehab and is trying hard to stay clean. However, everything… read analysis of Mary Tyrone

Edmund Tyrone

James and Mary’s youngest son. At twenty-three, Edmund has worked in the “tropics” as a sailor, but always seems to come back to his parents without any money. And although he is certainly his… read analysis of Edmund Tyrone

Jamie Tyrone

James and Mary’s eldest son. Jamie is a thirty-three-year-old failed actor who spends the majority of his time drinking and living the raucous lifestyle on offer in New York’s Broadway theater scene. Like his… read analysis of Jamie Tyrone


One of the Tyrones’ housekeepers. O’Neill describes Cathleen as an “Irish peasant” in her “early twenties.” When the Tyrone men leave Mary home alone in the third act, she offers Cathleen drinks out of Jamesread analysis of Cathleen
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Eugene Tyrone

James and Mary’s second child, who died as a baby. Mary blames Eugene’s death partly on James and partly on Jamie. Indeed, she says she never would have left Jamie and Eugene with… read analysis of Eugene Tyrone

Mother Elizabeth

A nun in the convent Mary attended as a young girl. When Mary told Mother Elizabeth that she wanted to be a nun herself, Mother Elizabeth advised her to live a normal life for one… read analysis of Mother Elizabeth
Minor Characters
Doctor Hardy
The doctor that diagnoses Edmund with consumption. Although James upholds that Hardy is a good and reliable doctor, the rest of the family believes that he is a “quack,” accusing James of skimping on Edmund’s medical care.
Captain Turner
A neighbor who stops to talk to James in the Tyrones’ yard.
A man who periodically convinces James Tyrone to buy land from him, getting him drunk and convincing him that he’s giving him a good deal when, in reality, James doesn’t need more property.