Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska


John Green

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Looking for Alaska: 50. Sixty-Two Days After Summary & Analysis

Miles calls his parents to tell them that he hasn’t been doing well in school because of Alaska’s death. As he talks, he looks at the notes written around the payphone and notices one of the daisies that Alaska always used to draw. He remembers that Jake told the Colonel that Alaska freaked out while she was doodling on the phone. Miles hangs up and rushes off to tell the Colonel about his discovery. He thinks that the flowers reminded Alaska of something she had forgotten. The Colonel is not as excited about the flowers as Miles is, and he points out that they still have no idea what Alaska remembered.
Miles finds the final clue to the mystery of Alaska’s death: her doodles of flowers. Miles didn’t pick up on the many references Alaska made to her sadness and her feelings about death while she was alive, but he has finally started to pay attention and now knows that the white flowers are significant.
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