Love in the Time of Cholera


Gabriel García Márquez

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Florentino meets Sara Noriega at the annual Poetic Festival, where she feels sorry for him because she understands that the poem he submitted was not chosen. After her fiancé abandoned Sara when she was young, she decided to devote herself to sex, even if it does not involve marriage. Florentino and Sara share a love for love poetry and develop a long-term affair, in which they alternate sex with Noriega’s poetic recitations. She allows him to forget about Fermina for a while, but when Florentino realizes she has aged and becomes bored with her, he plans to break up with her. However, she breaks up with him before he has the chance to do so, thus becoming the only woman besides Fermina who ever rejects Florentino.
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Sara Noriega Character Timeline in Love in the Time of Cholera

The timeline below shows where the character Sara Noriega appears in Love in the Time of Cholera. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4
Sex and Morality Theme Icon
...realizes she feels love for him, he is close to 30. The woman’s name is Sara Noriega . After a fiancé abandoned her, Sara concluded that she wanted to sleep with men... (full context)
Love Theme Icon
Sex and Morality Theme Icon
Social Norms vs. Personal Fulfillment Theme Icon
Florentino makes their affair clandestine, even though Sara Noriega feels free and is not bothered to be seen with him. Throughout his life, Florentino... (full context)
Love Theme Icon
Sex and Morality Theme Icon
Florentino visits Sara Noriega on a regular basis. However, her knowledge and skill at love-making convinces Florentino that he... (full context)
Love Theme Icon
Illness, Mortality, and Hope Theme Icon
They submit a jointly written poem to the Poetic Festival but lose. Sara Noriega is furious because she believes that Fermina Daza plotted against her. Florentino, on the other... (full context)
Sex and Morality Theme Icon
Then, Florentino realizes that Sara Noriega is also affected by the passing of time, as she spends more time crying and... (full context)
Chapter 5
Sex and Morality Theme Icon
...peso and Andrea managed her sexual life as a business exclusively for her own pleasure. Sara Noriega was the only one who left Florentino with some bitterness. She ended up in a... (full context)