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Love Medicine


Louise Erdrich

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Lulu Lamartine’s mother and Moses Pillager’s cousin. Fleur serves as a sort of holy woman or medicine woman for the tribe. When Marie is in the throes of a difficult labor that threatens her life, Rushes Bear brings Fleur to help deliver the baby; and when Lipsha decides to conjure love medicine for Marie and Nector, he considers going to Fleur for help. Fleur speaks the “old language” and, like Moses, represents a traditional Native lifestyle in the novel.

Fleur Pillager Quotes in Love Medicine

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Harper Perennial edition of Love Medicine published in 2016.
The Island Quotes

Following my mother, I ran away from the government school. I ran away so often that my dress was always the hot-orange shame dress and my furious scrubbing thinned sidewalks the matrons forced me to wash. Punished and alone, I made and tore down and remade all the dormitory beds. I lived by bells, orders, flat voices, rough English. I missed the old language in my mother’s mouth.

Related Characters: Lulu Nanapush / Lulu Lamartine (speaker), Fleur Pillager
Page Number: 68
Explanation and Analysis:
Love Medicine Quotes

But when she mentions them love medicines, I feel my back prickle at the danger. These love medicines is something of an old Chippewa specialty. No other tribe has got them down so well. But love medicines is not for the layman to handle. You don’t just go out and get one without paying for it. Before you get one, even, you should go through one hell of a lot of mental condensation. You got to think it over. Choose the right one. You could really mess up your life grinding up the wrong little thing.

Page Number: 237
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Fleur Pillager Character Timeline in Love Medicine

The timeline below shows where the character Fleur Pillager appears in Love Medicine. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
The Beads Part 2
Tribal Connection and Family Ties Theme Icon
Native Culture, Assimilation, and Racism Theme Icon
...Nector insists they go to the hospital. Marie refuses, and Rushes Bear goes to get Fleur Pillager , Lulu Nanapush’s mother. Fleur and Rushes Bear see Marie through labor, speaking the “old... (full context)
Love Medicine
Native Culture, Assimilation, and Racism Theme Icon
God and Religion  Theme Icon
Love Theme Icon
...promises Marie he will think about the love medicine, and even he considers going to Fleur Pillager for help but decides against it. One day, while looking up at the sky, Lipsha... (full context)