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One of Helen’s coworkers in George’s office. The unnamed adding clerk is accustomed to office life, a dull and sardonic man who, along with the other office workers, speculates aloud about Helen’s engagement to Mr. Jones, telling her that she ought to accept George’s marriage proposal if she wants to keep her job.
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The Adding Clerk Character Timeline in Machinal

The timeline below shows where the character The Adding Clerk appears in Machinal. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Episode 1: To Business
Marriage and Gender Inequality Theme Icon
Communication Theme Icon
The Mechanical World Theme Icon
Fragmentation and Expressionism Theme Icon, rattle, and ring until the curtain opens on an office, where a stenographer, an adding clerk , a filing clerk, and a telephone girl work at desks, busy on their respective... (full context)
Marriage and Gender Inequality Theme Icon
...Jones’s marriage proposal. “If she does she’ll lose her job,” the stenographer says. “Fired,” offers the adding clerk . “The sack!” says the filing clerk. If she accepts, though, the coworkers speculate that... (full context)