Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park


Jane Austen

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Mansfield Park Characters

Fanny Price

Fanny Price is the protagonist of Mansfield Park, though much has been made of the fact that, to many modern readers, she is not especially likeable. Fanny is a physically delicate, uptight, morally righteous, and… read analysis of Fanny Price

William Price

William Price is Fanny’s older brother and one of the people she loves best. A devoted letter writer, William is Fanny’s faithful correspondent throughout the book while he is sailing with the Navy. Twice… read analysis of William Price

Lady Bertram

Lady Bertram is Fanny’s aunt, Mrs. Norris’s sister, and the mother of the Bertram children. Lady Bertram, who was known as quite a beauty in her youth, received her title through her advantageous… read analysis of Lady Bertram

Sir Thomas Bertram

Sir Thomas is Lady Bertram’s husband, Fanny’s uncle by law, and the father of the Bertram children. He is a baronet and the owner of Mansfield Park. Sir Thomas is stoic and severe… read analysis of Sir Thomas Bertram

Mrs. Norris

Mrs. Norris is Fanny’s aunt and primary source of unhappiness. She is essentially a self-centered, self-righteous, superficial, dramatic, money-grubbing, manipulative bully, and Austen portrays her with a biting irony that often renders Mrs. Norris… read analysis of Mrs. Norris
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Julia Bertram

Julia is the younger daughter of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, and is Fanny’s cousin. Julia is described as quick to laugh and has a bit of a dramatic flair. She is very… read analysis of Julia Bertram

Maria Bertram

Maria Bertram is the eldest daughter of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, Fanny’s cousin, and Mr. Rushworth’s fiancée and later wife. She is a beautiful, accomplished, well-mannered young woman who attracts the… read analysis of Maria Bertram

Edmund Bertram

Edmund is Sir Thomas’s younger son and Fanny’s cousin and later husband. Edmund is a kind, handsome, contentious young man who trains to become a minister and is ordained during the course of… read analysis of Edmund Bertram

Tom Bertram

Tom Bertram is the oldest son and heir of Sir Thomas, and is Fanny’s cousin. Tom, although exuberant and jovial, is extremely irresponsible, especially when it comes to money. Tom is a big… read analysis of Tom Bertram

Henry Crawford

Henry Crawford is the brother of Mary Crawford and the half-brother of Mrs. Grant. Raised by his uncle the Admiral and the Admiral’s wife, Henry is a young man of considerable fortune and the… read analysis of Henry Crawford

Mary Crawford

Mary Crawford is Henry Crawford’s sister and Mrs. Grant’s half-sister. She is very beautiful and very charming, but can sometimes transgress rules of propriety due to her lively way of thinking. Mary, who… read analysis of Mary Crawford

Mr. Rushworth

Mr. Rushworth is a neighbor of the Bertrams and Maria’s fiancé and later husband. He is slow-witted and boring but very rich. Throughout the first half of the book, Mr. Rushworth tags along with… read analysis of Mr. Rushworth

Mrs. Grant

Mrs. Grant is Dr. Grant’s wife, and the half sister of Mary and Henry. Generally described as likeable, Mrs. Grant caters to her husband’s extravagant food requests and enjoys spending time with Mary… read analysis of Mrs. Grant

Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant is Mrs. Grant’s husband, and the preacher of Mansfield Park’s parish following Mr. Norris’s death. Dr. Grant is kind, but also a self-indulgent food-lover. As result, he is very demanding, and… read analysis of Dr. Grant

John Yates

John Yates is Tom Bertram’s friend, whom he brings to Mansfield Park. Yates tells the young people of Mansfield about his recent experience nearly performing in a play, and the young people decide to… read analysis of John Yates

Mrs. Frances Price

Mrs. Price is Fanny’s mother and Mr. Price’s husband. Mrs. Price is described as being very similar to her sister Lady Bertram, except for her circumstances. Mrs. Price’s decision to marry a… read analysis of Mrs. Frances Price

Susan Price

Susan is Fanny’s younger sister, age fourteen, who she reconnects with when she returns to Portsmouth. Susan, although unrefined because of her upbringing, tries to be good, kind, and well-mannered, and Fanny mentors her… read analysis of Susan Price

Mr. Norris

Mr. Norris is Mrs. Norris’s husband, and serves as her excuse for why she cannot take in Fanny at the beginning of the book. Mr. Norris is never described in detail, and dies early… read analysis of Mr. Norris

The Admiral

The Admiral is Henry and Mary’s uncle, with whom they lived before Mary moved to the Parsonage. Henry gets along well with his uncle, but Mary butts heads with him often, and speaks negatively… read analysis of The Admiral
Minor Characters
Mr. Price
Mr. Price is Fanny’s father and Mrs. Price’s husband. He is a naval officer who Mrs. Price unfortunately married. Mr. Price shows no interest in Fanny when she comes to visit. Fanny describes him as a totally unrefined alcoholic.
Mrs. Rushworth (senior)
Mrs. Rushworth (senior) is Mr. Rushworth’s mother. She greatly approves of and tries to help facilitate the match between her son and Maria. In a sometimes-confusing overlap, Maria is also occasionally referred to as Mrs. Rushworth after her marriage.
Nanny is Mrs. Norris’s servant, who she promises will fetch Fanny from London when Fanny first arrives from Portsmouth to begin her new life with the Bertrams.
Miss Lee
Miss Lee is the instructor of Maria, Julia, and Fanny. She is in charge of their schooling at Mansfield Park when they are children.
Rebecca is Mrs. Price’s servant. She is not a very good cook.
Betsy Price
Betsey is Fanny’s younger sister. She is spoiled and often quarrels with Susan.
Tom Price
Tom is Fanny’s younger brother. He is rowdy and spends a lot of time playing noisily with Charles.
Charles Price
Charles is Fanny’s younger brother. He is rowdy and spends a lot of time playing noisily with Tom Price.
Mary Price
Mary Price is Fanny’s deceased younger sister, who died after Fanny moved to Mansfield, and was beloved by Susan.
Mr. Owen
Edmund’s friend, with whom he stays just after he is ordained. Mr. Owen has three sisters and Mary Crawford worries about them stealing Edmund’s affection.
One of Fanny's brothers.